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Importance of Church Fellowship


Having a retreat during a weekend is a great way to spend time with your church group. This can be done by a weekend trip to Gatlinburg and the smoky mountain. In Midst of the many different wholesome attractions and activities to participate in, each and every member of a group will find something that suits them to do. To determine on which will appeal one has to have a perfect plan and to check on some of the activities offered.


With more than 500000 acres of vegetation and miles and tracks. Each and every weekend in Gatlinburg loads a hike on the smoky mountain. The fact that it occupies a wide area a group can spend an entire Saturday hiking the mountains. To enjoy the hike groups are advised to carry a lunch meal so they can have small picnics on the mountains. Binoculars are also carried so one can enjoy the beautiful landscapes from the mountain, and the different types of species on the mountain. For more facts about religions, visit this website at http://www.encyclopedia.com/philosophy-and-religion.


Parkway Fellowship group can enjoy Gods creation on this mountain. There is also a ski resort and an amusement park and a ride above the smoky mountain. View to the top of the smoky mountain is offered by a gondola. At the top of the mountain your church group can enjoy the skiing on the thick snow during the winter. In addition to that during the summer the mountain offers habitation for black bears and an alpine side. Amusements such as miniature golf and bungee jumping can also be enjoyed. One has to enjoy as much as they can the fresh breeze that blows and the group can have a meal together on the mountain.


For those who are not into outdoor activities they are not left out. Many museums and indoor activities to keep everyone entertained. There are also aquariums that contain different species of reptiles to explore, which makes it a major place of attraction. Species such as sharks, penguins in their playhouse and horseshoe crabs. With all this offered in one place it is also affordable for any group. After a long day of having fun one can enjoy exotic meals in the restaurants and your church group can have family dining

The best part is that on Sunday morning when its church near me time, a house of worship is open to any domination with the quite mountains a good environment of worship is enjoyed. Gatlinburg is a good option where your church group can have a retreat